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Winchester Powder AutoComp 8lb


Winchester Powder AutoComp 8lb
Winchester AutoComp

I’ve used this product before and have been pleased with its performance. It measures nicely thru my powder measure, burns clean and provides good accurancy in all my 9mm handguns. My next test will be in .38 Special loads. This is my first direct order from Hodgdon and I’m very pleased with their service.

Winchester AutoComp

Best powder for 9mm that I have found for my particular load.

Zackary Parsons
Winchester AutoComp Powder

Honestly this powder is great for range loads IMO and also can be used in some bigger pistol loads. I mainly use it for 9mm and it works wonderfully. My only nit pick is I think it would be cool if you got a load data sheet with the order so then you have a physical sheet instead of going to the website to get it but like I said it’s just a nit pick. Overall amazing product itself


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