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Fenix HT18 Long Range LED Hunting Torch



The HT18 is a long range torch and the first torch in the HT series, with a Fenix 21700 500 mAh USB rechargeable battery (ARB-L21-5000U) that is included as standard.

Utilising a Cree XHP35 HI LED combined with a large metal glossy reflector, it offers a maximum output of 1500 lumens on turbo and throws the beam up to 925 metres range distance, providing an excellent combination of output and distance.

Designed with hunting in mind, it comes supplied with two filters in red and green to help preserve natural night vision and to avoid spooking game, however the outputs and beam range will be reduced when using the filters. The filters feature a lanyard hole so that it can be attached to the torch via the included lanyard and if they need to be removed quickly when in use, simply pop the filter off the end of the torch and it will hang from the tail. The battery compartment is also designed with a spring at the positive and negative terminal to keep the battery in place and resist external impact such as recoil.

The HT18 is powered using the included Fenix 21700 5000 mAh USB rechargeable lithium-ion battery for best run-times due to the larger capacity, and is charged outside of the torch via the Type C charging port on the battery itself using the included Type C charging cable for fast charging. Alternatively you can use an 18650 lithium-ion battery (not included), however the 18650 battery must be inserted in the included ALF-18 battery holder before inserting it into the torch and would require a separate battery charger to be recharged.

Four brightness levels, plus strobe mode are available and operated with the tactical tail switch and side functional switch. The HT18 is turned on and off with the tactical tail switch by fully pressing it down, and it also offers a momentary function by half pressing the button (the light will turn off when the button is released). Once the torch is on, the side switch will cycle through low, mid, high and turbo with each press.

Strobe is activated by holding the side switch for 0.8 seconds when the torch is turned on and a single press will return the torch to the previous brightness setting. The last used brightness setting (excluding strobe) will be remembered next time the light is turned on.

When the torch is turned on a battery level indicator built into the switch will light up for 3 seconds with either a green, green flashing, red or red flashing light to show the battery power remaining and notify you when the battery needs charging.

When used in turbo the overheat protection will automatically reduce the output to 800 lumens when the internal temperature exceeds 65° in order to protect the LED from overheating. Once the torch has cooled the lumen output will gradually increase again. The torch can withstand operation in extreme temperatures between -35° to 45°, though a cold weather battery is recommended in cold situations.

Product Features

Red and green filters included
Capable of using two battery types
Digitally regulated output to maintain stable output
Low voltage warning function
Intelligent memory function
Reverse polarity protection
Tactical tail switch and side mode switch
Battery level indicator

Operational Modes

Using the included 5000 mAh 21700 lithium-ion battery:
Low: 30 lumens; 61 hours run-time; 160 m beam range
Mid: 150 lumens; 20 hours, 15 minutes run-time; 300 m beam range
High: 500 lumens; 4 hours, 15 minutes run-time; 570 m beam range
Turbo: 1500 lumens; 1 hour, 40 minutes run-time; 925 m beam range*
Strobe: 1500 lumens

With red filter applied:
Low: 250 lumens; 325 m beam range
Mid: 60 lumens; 195 m beam range
High: 30 lumens; 105 m beam range
Turbo: 5 lumens; 50 m beam range

With green filter applied:
Low: 220 lumens; 90 m beam range
Mid: 130 lumens; 30 m beam range
High: 70 lumens; 10 m beam range
Turbo: 30 lumens; 2 m beam range

Using a Fenix 3500 mAh 18650 lithium-ion battery:
Low: 30 lumens; 53 hours run-time; 160 m beam range
Mid: 150 lumens; 14 hours, 10 minutes run-time; 300 m beam range
High: 500 lumens; 2 hours, 50 minutes run-time; 570 m beam range
Turbo: 1100 lumens; 1 hour, 40 minutes run-time; 805 m beam range*
Strobe: 1100 lumens

Note: *The turbo output is measured at total run-time, including output at reduced levels due to temperature or the built-in protection mechanism.

Technical Details

Type: Hand held LED torch
Operating Modes: Low / Mid / High / Turbo / Strobe
Luminous Flux: Up to 1500 lumens
Lamp Type: Cree XHP35 HI LED
Beam Range: Up to 925 m
Batteries Required: 1 x Fenix 21700 lithium-ion rechargeable / 1 x Fenix 18650 L18 series lithium-ion rechargeable
Run Time: Up to 61 hours (low setting)
Overall Length: 184 mm
Head Diameter: 68 mm
Body Diameter: 26 mm
Weight: 220 grams (excluding battery)
Body Colour: Black
Body Material: High strength and oxidation resistant aluminium
Body Finish: Premium type III hard anodised anti-abrasive finish
Reflector: Smooth for excellent beam throw
Switch Type: Tactical tail switch and side mode switch
Impact Resistance: 1 m
Environmental: Waterproof and dust resistant to IP68 Standard (2 m)
Warranty: 5 years (torch), 1 year (battery)
Regulatory Compliance: CE / RoHS

Packaging and Contents

Supplied in retail packaging and includes:
Fenix HT18 LED torch x 1
Fenix ARB-L21-5000U USB lithium-ion battery x 1
Type C charging cable (for battery) x 1
Length adjustable nylon holster x 1
ALF-18 battery holder x 1
Red filter x 1
Green filter x 1
Lanyard x 1
Spare O-ring x 1
Spare switch cover x 1
Manual x 1


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